Want to know more about what makes i-TEN tick? Check out our videos covering the tools we use for Photogrammetry, GIS, BIM, CAD and 3D Laser Scanning. 

History of Visualization

Throughout the history of visualization, artists and artisans have utilized technologies that were available to document their ideas and realities. From the Renaissance to the Baroque, Romanticism, Modern and Contemporary art periods, these innovators have held the world in aesthetic wonder. With the invention of computers and the laser scanner, we have collectively taken our place in history and propelled the art and science of 3D documentation.

BIM Modeling

Creating 3D precision models from laser scans using BIM software is a powerful application for architects, engineers and construction professionals. Applications may include adaptive reuse, retrofit, MEP design, facade analysis, 3D thermal imaging, conservation documentation and visualizations for stakeholder buy-in.

Catalyst for Change

Laser Scanning has changed the visualization and facilities management industry.

Revit – Cloud to Model

Demonstration: Point cloud data converted into 3D model. Utilizing 3D models to change designs.

USS Blueback

Laser scanned point cloud of the USS Blueback Submarine located at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland, Oregon.

The Art of Scanning

Point Cloud Visualization demonstrating the versatility of laser scanning applications.

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