Laser Scanning

Evergreen Wings and Waves i-TEN laser scanned the new Wings and Waves Water Park in McMinville Oregon. The resulting 3-Dimensional aerial fly-through was an integral part of the grand opening advertising campaign. The video is currently used for promotional purposes on the Wing and Waves Water Park website.

Kroger Bakery In 2010 i-TEN created as-built floor plans by terrestrial laser scanning Kroger’s 120,000 sq. ft. baking facility. Our scanning placed the mechanical equipment in 3 dimensional space with accuracy down to +/- 2 millimeters. i-TEN’s laser scanning provided Kroger with a faster and more economical dimensioning solution compared to traditional tape measure methods.

University of Oregon During this past year, i-TEN laser scanned as-built mechanical, electric, and plumbing (MEP) conditions at the University of Oregon campus. The resulting pipe centerlines were essential for the University’s retrofit applications. Recent U of O projects include 3D modeling of the new student recreation center from laser scans for architects to plan their designs with precision.

GSA Support i-TEN continues to provide support for the General Services Administration which has included laser scanning services.


Metro Regional Government i-TEN provided Metro and Portland area governments with natural color and near infrared orthorectified digital imagery for urban and rural areas. This project required acquisition of more than 4000 aerial images. Urban images were delivered at six-inch pixel resolution, while rural images were delivered at one foot resolution. This project shows i-TEN’s production capacity to perform large scale Orthophoto production processes. This imagery is an invaluable tool for planning and management at the local, regional, and state levels.

Bureau of Reclamation The US Bureau of Reclamation acquired imagery to study the impacts of increased water flows on a 42 miles stretch of the Trinity River from Lewiston, CA to the North Fork of the Trinity River. The project required the coordination and execution of new photo acquisition for 332 frames at 1:4200, passing control from historical photos to new photos, photogrammetric film scanning, aerial triangulation measurement and bundle adjustment, stereo collection for topographic (DTM) map update, generation of new digital color orthophotos that matched existing sheet scheme of original project.

Port of Portland i-TEN Associates provided the Port of Portland with a detailed precision quality airport space obstruction analysis for their Portland Hillsboro Airport complex. The analysis was performed on one proposed and two existing runways utilizing Vertically Guided and Non-Vertically Guided surface outlines provided by the Port of Portland. Analysis consisted of generating calibrated grids for each surface and visually identifying the highest and/or most penetrating man made or natural object or clusters of objects within specified quadrants of a given surface. The delivered Airport Airspace Analysis Survey resulted in FAA and NGS approval for the proposed runway construction project.

GIS Services

San Fransisco, CA i-TEN created a new digitized basemap for the city and county of San Fransisco. The map is now stored in a centralized GIS library and available for distribution to all City departments. The City has been developing GIS/AM/FM applications based on this standardized basemap. i-TEN provided the conversion/digitization service for creating cadastral, features and centerline maps linked to attribute data stored in relational databases. The cadastral map covered an area of 47 square miles and approximately 170,000 parcels.

Port of Portland i-TEN provided quality control services for the migration of the Port of Portland’s CAD data into their Enterprise GIS System. Quality control process included a series of 30 checks ensuring the transformation of data from the source AutoCAD drawings to the resulting ArcGIS Spatial Database Engine (SDE) data occurred without any loss of spatial accuracy or attribute values. We also performed a meticulous visual inspection of all symbology within ArcGIS for correct feature data type, symbols, rotation, placement and color. The QC process had a one day turn around time for each data set where we needed to provide the QC results back to the Port of Portland within 24 hours.

City of Corvallis i-TEN assisted the Public Works Department with utility digitization and edge mapping. i-TEN identified the project region and obtained corresponding tiles of the basemap. We researched and referenced drawing and CAD files for each utility. Pipe segments were digitized with respect to the sidewalk curb face, while maintaining proper alignment and offset given on the source documents and taking reference from the background images. For regions where the utilities had already been mapped, edge matching was performed to maintain QA/QC. GIS ESRI (ARC/INFO) software and AutoCAD were essential for the successful completion of the project.


Bureau of Land Management i-TEN converted and georeferenced over 2,000 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Colorado division hand-drawn mylar Master, Use, and Title plats into AutoCAD 2010 format. The new digitally converted maps are saving the BLM time, money, and resources by providing continuous management and updating abilities. i-TEN completed this project with regular ahead-of-schedule weekly delivery and consistent error free deliverables.

Federal Aviation Administration i-TEN provides the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 2D and 3D design and drafting support: Recent projects include a lighting systems retrofit for runways at the Portland Oregon International Airport and King Salmon Airport in Alaska. Also, i-TEN develops 3D models of airport facilities to achieve cost-effective equipment retrofitting techniques.

3D Design Modeling Projects i-TEN continues to provide 3D modeling services for various architectural and engineering firms. Clients have included Universities, Army Corps of Engineers, and GSA among other private companies.