Historical Aerial Photographs

i-TEN owns aerial imagery going back to 1961 for the Portland metro region and most parts of Western Oregon and Washington.  If you are interested in buying imagery, you can contact us via email or call (503) 546-3755.

Historical aerial photos in Portland and Washington for purchase

What a difference 40 years makes!

Portland Metro Historical Aerial Photography

The following charts provide the areal photos we have available to purchase. 

Western Portland Metro1″ = 2000′1:24000June 1961B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000June 1963B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000August 1966B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000August 1969B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000July 1971B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000July 1972B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000September 1975B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000October 1979B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000Spring 1980B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000September 1984B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000July 1985B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000August 1990B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 1000′1:12000August 1994B/W
Portland Metro1″ = 850′1:10200July 1998Color
Portland Metro1″ = 1600′1:19200July 1999Color
Portland Metro1″ = 850′1:10200July 2000Color
Portland Metro1″ = 850′1:10200July 2002Color
Portland Metro1″ = 1700′1:20400August 2002Color
Other Oregon and Washington Historical Aerial Photography:
City of Wilsonville1″ = 850′1:10200August 2004Color
Western Oregon1″ = 2640′1:31680July 1994Color
Western Oregon1″ = 2640′1:31680September 1995Color
Western Oregon1″ = 2640′1:31680July 1996Color
Western Oregon1″ = 2640′1:31680July 2000Color
Western Oregon1″ = 2640′1:31680July 2001Color
Clatsop County1″ = 2640′1:31680July 2002Color
SW Washington1″ = 2640′1:31680June 2003Color