By concentrating on client’s requirements and offering superior project planning, methodology, and implementation, i-TEN succeeds in designing and employing GIS customer focused geospatial solutions.

How i-TEN Applies GIS Technology 

Specialized software enables our highly qualified GIS team to excel at organizing complex data in order to reveal important spatial patterns and relationships. When projects demand customized creation and support, our skilled GIS programming team provides made-to-order GIS services. A GIS approach from i-TEN increases job efficiency, while also saving time, money, and resources.

GIS Technology with i-TENIf needed, our GIS technical specialists, functioning in conjunction with our CAD and Photogrammetry departments, offer mapping and database answers beyond the traditional bounds of GIS operations. This discipline melding, in-house approach, coupled with our software programming abilities, offers i-TEN customers a unique problem solving advantage.

i-TEN Provides:
    • Spatial Analysis
    • Customized Web-based Applications
    • Integrated Map Design
    • Data Conversion & Migration
    • Public Utilities Asset Management
    • Automation Applications
    • Geospatial Database Creation
    • Data Analysis & Processing
Selected Industries Benefitting from GIS Technology:
    • Land Based and Natural Resource Management
    • Water/Wastewater and NPDES Utilities
    • Transportation
    • Energy Development
    • Federal, State and Local Governments
    • Education Facilities